The story of 8008clothing

The story of 8008.


8008clothing is a brand which is located in Belgium and Finland. 8008clothing is all about exclusive, eco-friendly clothes that are made in Europe which are connected with urban culture/street culture and offered to young and wild people.

I’m Mattijs Deprez and I want to make an impact on the clothing industry by selling eco-friendly produced clothes. I’m 18 years old and I am studying business management at Laurea University of Applied Sciences in Finland. It scares me that the fashion industry currently uses around 79 billion cubic metres of water per year. I am taking the first little steps to make the fashion industry less polluting. Since this is still a very small brand, I am very often dependent of larger textile businesses, but I always try to sell clothes with the GOTS certified label. GOTS is a textile production certification that limits the use of toxic bleaches, dyes and other chemical inputs during the production process of textiles. … GOTS certification means that our products meet the very highest standards.


Why should YOU buy something of 8008clothing? It's easy, if you are looking for a brand that tries to clean up the clothing industry , then you are on the right website. If you are looking for a brand that works with independent graphic designers and thus, can offer you a lot of styles, you are also visiting the right website.

A lot of other brands are just focusing on making a lot of money with their brand. This often means that they are ordering textile from countries like Pakistan because that way, they have an extremely low buying price and bigger margins. I want to learn all about running a business. The profit is just here for growth. So that’s exactly why you should buy a product here at 8008clothing. You want an affordable hoodie with good quality? Welcome at 8008clothing. If you want a hoodie with eco-friendly grown cotton? Welcome at 8008clothing.


Whenever you consider yourself as ‘youthful’ then you’re welcome at 8008clothing (eight ooh eight). These clothes are perfect for young students who are looking for affordable clothes and eco-friendly clothes. But since this is a clothing brand that wants to make an impact on the clothing industry, we don't exclude anyone from buying. When you dare to think outside the box, then 8008clothing is something for you. Actually, when you dare to think outside the box, I would like to have a coffee with you.